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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
The reason why no one makes tenure....
...So they tell you that the reason why people don't make tenure is because they fail to publish enough or they are miserable teachers or their ideas don't fit with the mission of the dept. What they fail to mention is that another reason why people don't make tenure is because they starve to death!

None of the professors I'm working with seem to eat (ever). My advisor at my previous institution was notorious for not eating lunch at all. And now I am joining the ranks of those that do not eat. But I'm not sure I'm happy about it. My body doesn't care much for 12+ hours with no food.
Ooh, bad habit! Eat lunch!!
I have so many colleagues who do not eat breakfast or lunch. I really don't know how they survive. I would faint.

I eat an early breakfast at 6 am, then a later breakfast on campus at 9:30, then an early lunch on campus at 11:30, then a late lunch at 2 pm, supper at about 5 pm, then a snack sometime n the evening. I eat at least 6 times every day because my body simply cannot go without food very long.
I have actually noticed this at my university, too. among faculty, not students.
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